Tuning & Heavenly Frequencies

A/C – The Heavenly Alternating Current

After having been trained in classical music, plus being a trained and experienced piano tuner of more than 40 years standing, the root frequency that is taught and used as the ‘global’ common tuning platform across the Western Hemisphere is that of “Concert Pitch”.  In my experience Concert Pitch equates precisely to two note frequencies these being: 440hz (the musical note A) and 523.3hz (the musical note C).  Whilst there are variances of using these two frequencies in the process of tuning within orchestral, acoustic (or digital piano) settings or other acoustic or digital instruments (e.g. guitars, software synthesisers etc), fundamentally our Western society has used these concert pitch frequencies since the 1930’s.

After having experienced the revelation of being filled with Gods Holy Spirit, this has opened up to me an entirely new interpretation of music and sound frequency that has had a dramatic impact in how I am creating worship.  I have discovered that there exist alternative frequencies that can be used which have a heightened, spiritual effect when used for the worship of our creator Himself – Yahweh.

It has been revealed to me that there are specifically the frequencies of 432hz (the musical note A) and 528hz (the musical note C) that have restorative and organic alignment properties, when used in conjunction with heart level worship to Yahweh from His children who are totally surrendered in spirit, soul and body.

In my own experience, I have been using both of these two frequencies for several months at over 200 worship sessions; my tangible experience has been one of a significant increase in the presence of Yahweh’s Holy Spirit, in the form of heightened levels of peace, joy, deep rest and Yahweh’s manifest presence affecting the people present.  Now it must be stated that this heightened level of experience in worship is not solely due to the frequencies being used; irrespective of applying these tunings, through a fully surrendered and holy life where our worship is true and in spirit, Gods presence will be manifested I believe.  However, and again I am speaking from my experience alone, using these alternative frequencies seems to more easily activate and open up portals into the heavenly realm (in conjunction with a trule surrendered heart).

There are some points to mention for those that are quickened to research this revelation; as with all of God’s created world, there are counterfeits that our spiritual enemy, Satan, has created to trap, ensnare as many people as possible.  You will discover that the 432hz and 528hz (also known as the “DNA Code, or frequency) have been hi-jacked by proponents of the Hindu religion and other sects, being categorised as the “solfeggio scale”. A range of tuning forks with these and several other frequencies are used and sold as healing tones.

Secondly, I can confirm that the use of 432 and 528 is not an absolutely new thing as several other Christian ministers and worship musicians have experimented and recorded with these as a basis for their music.

In conclusion, however I can only speak for myself and my own experience and that is one of absolute certainty that the implementation of creating music using these two frequencies as the basis for tuning all instruments and voices, releases a most resonant, beautiful, powerful and heavenly sound that has the ability to reach parts that the normal pitch cannot.

A = 432

C = 528

This is what I have described as indeed the Heavenly A/C – YHWH’s Alternating Current.