Song of Fire – 03/03/2020

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Currently in the studio recording the first track of my new album “New Birth Messiah’s Return” (working title). This particular song was born from a prophetic word I was given which is given below.

“A new sound shall be instrumented into Ireland that comprises of a three stranded chord, a strong braided chord that cannot be broken that is comprised of Altar worship, Irish heart, and Jewish roots.

Three strands, three servant hearts, tribal rhythm and sounds of heaven, Ireland and Israel.  The sound will be pure, holy and dissonant that will gather the saints, will agitate the demons and release Gods Kingdom to advance in the land, this land of Ireland.

A recording for the Nations to unite under one banner of love.  A heavenly sound of reconciliation in the spiritual realm. This sound will break barriers and cause the little ones to come trembling and humble, broken and contrite, to be lifted up under the shadow of His almighty hand

The wave of His Spirit will spread across Ireland through this three stranded chord, this heavenly sound. 

Again shall you dance again my favoured land, again shall the priests of heaven be seen to implement my love.  Again shall the prophets of old in the land such as Patrick be vindicated and  honoured through my modern day servants and prophets in this land coming out of Ireland and England and Scotland and Wales.  

The time is now to sing again, the time is now to love again.  Again will the Song Of Love go forth, again will the  Song Of Fire go forth.

For the Glory of YHWH, Father God to Your glory.  In the name of Yeshua, Ha Maschiach”.

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