Revelations / Research

Stuart is a fully trained piano tuner and an avid researcher of sounds. He has discovered through deep contemplation, that there is a correlation between what is widely known as “concert pitch” and the frequencies that bring a heightened sense of God’s presence. 

The internationally agreed standard regarding Concert Pitch are two note frequencies: 440hz (the musical note A) and 523.3hz (the musical note C).  

God has revealed to Stuart two alternative frequencies which are 432hz (musical note A) and 528hz (musical note C). These have restorative and organic alignment properties when used in conjunction with heart level, totally surrendered worship to Yahweh.

Stuart has experimented with these sounds for several months (over 200 worship sessions) and can report that this has resulted in a significant increase in the presence of Yahweh’s Holy Spirit. The participants in the worship have experienced heightened levels of peace, joy, healing and deep rest. Furthermore, these frequencies seem to act as a catalyst and conduit for opening “portals” into the heavenly realm.

Stuart is aware that the use of 432hz and 528hz is not a new phenomenon. There are other musicians who have discovered these frequencies and recorded music based on them.

Stuart’s study and subsequent application thereof, has demonstrated that creating music using these two frequencies as the basis for tuning all instruments and voices, releases a beautiful, powerful and heavenly sound that makes deposits in the heart and spirit of the worshipper. Such deposits have enabled the worshipper to “replay” and “recall” the music in their hearts at a later date.