Release!! Release!!

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So after many months I now have arrived at the final stage of the new worship album – “NEW BIRTH, MESSIAH’s RETURN”. The official date is now July 31st when digital download if this album will be available plus the CD is included which will follow on in a couple a weeks after manufacture.

The 12 tracks on this debut album have been collated from over 70 worship songs written in the past 2-3 years. I hope you enjoy them and are blessed as much as I have been in their creation.


4 thoughts on “Release!! Release!!

  • Mark McKinney


    • Stuart

      Thanks Mark, ill be tapping you up to maybe come and visit one of your churches to l launch it =. Hope you and Jaqui are well 🙂

  • Paul Archibald Thomas

    Thank you Stuart for giving people faith with the power of your music. Paul from Liverpool.

    • Stuart

      May the Lord bless you a Paul. I appreciate your encouragement thank you 🙂

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