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Excited to offer the opportunity to pre-order my new worship album – ‘New Birth, Messiah’s Return’ which will be released on June 30th. This recording will only be available for purchase from the website and not any other digital download or streaming outlet (such as iTunes, Amazon or Spotify and all the others!).

The thing is whilst at a consumer level, Spotify, Deezer and the like, are great as the the entire global musical output (or most of it) is available either at a very low cost or totally free of charge. After careful consideration for distribution of this album “New Birth, Messiah’s Return”, I have decided to place a high value on this product by ‘ring-fencing’ its’ distribution to CD production only, and facilitating that distribution from this website. I will of course be able to supply digital copies of the album for those that require it. However the point being that apart from the usual copying of an artist’s work from a CD onto your computer to then access it via all of our cherished devices such as iPhone and tablets (which indeed I would now struggle to do without myself!) my motive in this is to start to re-establish the immense value that is contained within a recording, and maybe, just maybe, turn the tide in the favour of the creative souls whose masterpieces are being eaten up without due recompense being given for their work.

There, I’ve said it and now jumping off of my soap box, I do encourage you to support both my worship ministry and the concept of keeping musicians in business, so that we can all enjoy their work and be blessed through their music by signing up to this ludicrous cost for one CD – yes £17.77! Well you could even go for an Indian takeaway for that, or maybe a live performance – certainly when the lockdown has moved into a ‘green light’ situation. Apologies, I didn’t quite step off the box…so here it is, click this link and secure a purchase, for me, for the country and to support musicians doing what they can do, that we all enjoy being uplifted by the music they make! God bless you all 🙂 (reference ‘NEW BIRTH’)

The album package comprises of a 12 track CD recording with a pullout booklet detailing the song inspiration concepts and relevant scripture references. I know you will enjoy the diverse range of instrumentation and sound production, from lavish string arrangements, to acoustic and digital instrumentation from current sate-of-the-art technologies, all crafted into an unique selection of worship compositions. With organic tunings used throughout, (432 & 444) the tone layers amazingly provide more depth to the listeners’ experience. Most importantly I unequivocally can say that it is God, YHWH and His Holy Spirit that has inspired me, given me the ability to develop and given me everything I have needed to be able to make this recording. He has also provided all the people around me along the way to support and encourage just when i have needed it. So all thanks go to God, my Father, to Jesus my saviour and Holy Spirit, my guide and comforter.

The album price is £17.77 (plus P&P) and In purchasing this CD as a pre-order, you will not only be greatly blessed through the worship, you will also be helping to support my worship music ministry. In addition, for the first 50 pre-orders, I will include a 60 minute ‘meet & greet’ – either via Zoom or in person, (depending on your location and lockdown) to talk about worship, music in general or even 80’s pop bands! Also the first 100 albums pre-ordered will receive a signed copy with any personal details requested.

So hurry along and pre-order your copy!



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