Considering the ‘impossible’….

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Reflecting upon this festival of Passover encourages me to think of the miraculous and supernatural events and actions of our God, Yahweh. The events leading up to the original passover cause me to dig deep in faith to visualise and believe how God secured the safe passage of His chosen people to the promised land.

Swinging forward to the New Testament times we read in Luke Chapter 1, that God sent His angel Gabriel to inform Elizabeth that she would give birth to a son. Two supernatural events right there – an ‘archangel’ sent to earth from heaven and the fact God caused a barren woman to concieve. Do you believe in angels I wonder…

Some 6 months later Gabriel then was sent to inform Mary she would also give birth and this would be Gods’ only Son. Jesus then went on to become the sacrificial lamb of God, the ‘passover lamb’ that was slain for the sins of the world, a ‘once and for all’ sacrifice.

When considering the impossible surrounding the above events, this leads me to ask myself – if God can do all this (and more as recorded in the scriptures), then what is stopping Him from doing miracles in my life, however small or seemingly huge?

We all maybe affected in our thinking right now due to the recent global events and their impact on global and local societies, but as it is written in Luke 1, verse 37 – “For with God nothing shall be impossible”. Selah.


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