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7 Years of Plenty

Genesis 41

In this chapter of the Bible, the then Pharaoh of Egypt had a dream of 7 healthy, well nourished and full cows and heads of grain, then following came 7 lean, malnourished, ugly cows and withered heads of grain.  Joseph gave the interpretation that there was to be 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of famine and scarcity.

Prophetic Symbolism

In the year 2021 AD, it is approximately 3,700 years since the above event took place.  Prophesies by Daniel (in chapter 9:27) and Jesus (in Mathew 24:15-22), tell us that there will a period of tribulation prior to the end of this age.  This tribulation period is also described as “the day of Jacob’s trouble”, during which the Lord breaks the seals releasing famine & pestilence, plus other judgements of YHWH.

The famine in the land of Egypt at that time of Joseph, was the pre-cursor to the exodus of the Israelites.  After the time of Joseph there was a new Pharaoh in Egypt that knew not of Joesph.  This Pharaohs heart was hard and he enslaved the people in hard labour and did not honour the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

In 2021, we are also living in a world of enslavement, in a spiritual Egypt – in a world system that controls its people by debt and where YHWH’s commandments have been removed from its educational system; where the Most High, YHWH, is not taught in the schools and universities.  It is an ungodly system where God’s laws have been removed from governmental policies, having been replaced by man’s laws and abominations have been passed as laws within the nations.

Therefore there are significant parallels between the times of Joseph and the prophesied latter days, and the end of the age.

Come out of her ye people

God’s word instructs His people to ‘come out of Babylon’ (which is also biblically and symbolically, synonymous with Egypt) – Revelation 18:4.  The seven years of tribulation (which are the ‘seals’, ‘trumpets’ and ‘bowl’ judgements as recorded in the book of Revelation), bear striking resemblance to some of the plagues that YHWH inflicted on Egypt prior to the exodus led by Moses.  I suggest to you that this future event will be preceded by seven years of abundance, where YHWH will provide abundant resources to His ‘Josephs’, in order for them to prepare the storehouses, to set up mechanisms to grow food and grain from the land, to create ways for the creation of energy that does not rely on the Babylonia/Egyptian system (i.e. to ‘come off the grid’).  This i believe will be a transfer of wealth to God’s people, for the building of His Kingdom enterprises, specifically for the establishment of tribulation provisions globally;  to include travel operations, jets, oil, and technologies for the transmission of Gospel broadcasts….

This parallels the seven years of Joseph’s interpretation of Pharaohs dream in Genesis 41 – 7 cows, abundant, healthy and fat, which were the seven good years in which Joseph used to feed all that came to him in Egypt, using their money, gold, silver and then the peoples land.  A fifth (20%) of all the produce grown on the land using the seed supplied by Joseph, was returned to him and the Pharaoh that Joseph served.


When is this seven years of abundance to take place?…In Genesis 41 through to the story of the exodus and Moses, the sequence of events are 7 years of plenty, immediately followed by 7 years of famine, then following by the exodus and the journey to the promised land, some years later.

Therefore it could be that a 7 year period of abundance directly precedes the tribulation period, or it could be separated i.e. disconnected in time from the tribulation period (and ‘Greater Exodus’), which sequentially is prior to Messiah’s second coming.

We do not know these timings, but we are watchful for the sequence of events as prophesied in scripture, which state what must happen before the tribulation beings (2 Thessalonians 2).

My assertion to you is that we also should be watchful now, for a period of time when the ‘7 years of plenty’ will take place, so that all bondservants, and modern day ‘Josephs’ will wisely steward all the wealth and abundance that is coming, in preparation for the 7 years of scarcity.  This is the assignment of certain remnant saints, that the entire remnant ecclesia (‘called-out assembly’, otherwise known as ‘the church’), including Yehudah (the Messianic Jews) and gentile believers in Messiah, shall be fed, transported in the land  of ‘Goshen’, with all abundance in the camps of the righteous.  Halleluyah! Maranatha, even so come Lord Yeshua!

The Whole Law, The Whole Truth, and nothing but The Truth!

There seems to be some variety in interpretation when it comes to the law. We live in a societies that have instituted many laws in the countries where we live.  In a worldy sense we are citizens of that country, and therefore are obligated to abide and adhere to the law of that land.  This can present a bit of a dilemma to the believer who rightly answers to the ultimate law of God as laid down in the scriptures.  There might be those amongst this believing community who say to themselves that they are not answerable to certain worldly laws instituted and maintained by government control,  if they conflict with their interpretation of the laws of Yahweh. But yet we see in the scriptures, both in the covenants given in the Tanakh (first five books of the Old Testament)  and the new covenant that Yeshua cut with His own blood, evidence that both God’s law and the law of governmental authority should kept. Yeshuah stated in Mathew 5 that “I have come to fulfill the law and the prophets and not one jot or title shall pass away from the law” – this referring to the instructions as given by Yahweh to Moses, known as ‘The Law’, or Gods ‘Instruction’ i.e the Torah.   We see further evidence from the apostle Paul in the New Testament where he is saying in Romans 13 that we should submit to those governing over us, for God has put those governmental bodies in place and under Gods authority they do exist.  Peter also in His first letter speaks of being in submission to Godly authorities.  So these truly present a juxtaposition in the mind and heart of the believer concerning, ‘the law’.

In some ways a blog is a very forgiving tool because it allows the individual to express beliefs, opinions, ideas without institutional certification – religious, governmental or otherwise – (this of course may change as we move towards the end of the age where freedom of speech is already under attack severely in certain jurisdictions).  So in this blog, I hope to be thought-provoking rather than offering a ‘hard and fast’ solution to what is a very difficult subject to disseminate and form a belief upon.  That being said I can categorically state that one thing I am certain of and that is the infallibility of the Holy scriptures both the Tanakh, Prophets and Writings and the New Testament, and therein I believe lies our hope to unravel such intricate thought processes and beliefs.

Upon my deliberations I have found there to be more than one law that exists in the world today, these being Gods Law, Governmental Law and Common Law (of the people). Lets take God’s law and at the head we see Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMaschiach,  who is the head of the body, He being the fulfilment of the law, and as we study the old testament we see Jesus(Yeshua) prophesied and spoken about many times in the scriptures.  First and foremost I believe the law as written in Torah should be adhered to, abided by, observed, and obeyed by all those who believe in Yeshua.  For it is written – “love the Lord God with all your heart, strength and mind and love your neighbour as yourself”, Jesus said, speaking to the Roman centurion; in Exodus 20 where it is written that Moses went to meet with Yahweh on His sacred mountain, Mt Sinai, and Yahweh gave Moses the ten commandments – “you shall love the Lord God before anything else; you shall not worship any idols, or set up an graven images;  you shall set part My Holy day the Sabbath; you shall honour your father and mother…’ and the other five commandments. These two scriptures i believe provide the starting place to understand law and truth.  We know that God’s holy people the Israelites, following the announcement of these commandments did not go on to obey, did not adhere to the instructions of the Lord and we see after many centuries, arriving at the time of Yeshua that the spiritual establishment of that day – the Scribes, Sanhedrin and the Pharasees – that they had developed over the centuries certain additional laws through verbal communication and subsequent additional writings; therefore we see our Jewish brothers and sisters within Judaism, adhering to another set of rules and another written law, this I believe is where those Messianic believers who want to start to adhere to God’s laws and feasts such as Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles, need to be mindful and discerning of man-made laws that have been established that go against Gods law.  Religious law derived from human experience was manifested quite clearly by the death of Jesus who combatted and confronted the religious spirit of that day.

So what is truth and which law is truth?  The Christian believer would point you to the New Testament as only being the truth, where Judaism would purport the Torah, Prophets and Writings to be so, where non-believing government would invest in their man-made laws and strategies.  However may i submit to you that the whole truth is to be found in the whole law, both ‘Old Testament’ and ‘New Testament’, and to believe in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) for the forgiveness of sins, plus to obey the commandments of the Torah; this I believe is where the whole truth can be found which will truly set you free. 

Passover, Firstborn and Redemption

The Passover in Gods economy

I have heard it said – “it all started with Passover!”, and if like me you would respond initially by saying – hang on a minute,  there’s a whole book called Genesis in the Tenach (first five books of the bible written by Moses), before God instituted the festival of Pesach (Passover) not to forget that God existed prior to His creation of this planet earth and the constellations and the galaxies….infinity (both past and future) is certainly a mystery to the human brain.  

It is my belief that this moment in finite time – an annual memorial of the day that God instructed the people of Israel to prepare to leave Egypt, through sacrificing the lamb without blemish as described in Exodus 12, has deep significance in Gods plan of redemption.

The physical sacrifice of that spotless lamb is also inextricably intertwined with events of the past, and prophetic events of the future.  Looking to the past we see Gods firstborn son, Adam who was of divine DNA, being expelled from the holy of holies, that which was the inner sanctum of the garden of Eden.  Ever since sin entered Adam, there was death and there became a legal requirement for a blood sacrifice to redeem him.  The ensuing race of people, ‘Adams helpless race’ consequently were and still are required to be redeemed by the blood of the sacrificial lamb that is without sin, spotless and blameless.

If we consider for a moment the heart-wrenching event that Moses described in the book of Genesis where Abraham was commanded by Elohim (God) to sacrifice son on Mount Moriyah as an offering to the Almighty.   Abraham was found faithful and Y’itshaq (Isaac) was spared  – with an alternative offering being provided by Elohim.  There is a clear parallel with this event and the future passover, and ultimately the death of Jesus.

The Firstborn

In the culture of Gods ancient people there was a high value and significance attached to the first-born, and in particular the son to whom the blessings and majority inheritance was given.  With Adam being God’s firstborn, and ever since his sin, God’s wrath had to be averted through the establishment of blood sacrifices and hence the ‘sacrificial system’ was set up.  But none of these sacrifices would ever take away the sin of the firstborn and so the one who was equal in stature, in superiority and authority, had to come and be sacrificed on behalf of the firstborn son, Adam.  This is our messiah, Jesus, who is the ‘second Adam’ – the second therefore has redeemed the first.

The Redemption

It could only be a divine being that could redeem the death of the first created divine being.  The “second Adam” has redeemed the first.  Through Adam’s sin and spiritual death, Jesus was given by the Father, YHWH, as His one and only son to become flesh and dwell here on the earth, so that He would be offered up as the sacrifice for all and for all time to redeem the entire race of people God has created.  This amazing redemption can be seen in the memorial God instituted -the “Passover” and then re-enacted by Jesus Himself on the night before He was betrayed, and was led like a lamb to be slaughtered.  

Jesus Himself is our ‘passover lamb’.  His blood has been shed on the wooded frame of the cross – the top, the sides and the bottom – so that whosoever believes in Him, he shall be saved and Jesus will step over the doorposts of our heart and come and dine with him.   This is such an amazing truth that goes beyond human logic, but one that was designed by God even before His creation, so that He,  Almighty God can dwell with His people that he created; Jesus has provided for us the way to prevent the angel of death from destroying us and committing us to an eternal death.  In accepting this gift, the sacrifice of Jesus, we have been given eternal life, a life to be spent with God. Hallelujah!

Disciples Dilemma

It is easy to reflect on how differently I would have reacted to the death of Yeshua (Jesus), than those who had lived and worked with him in the first century.  Statements come to mind such as – ‘if only they would have remembered what He said about dying and being raised to life then their despair would not have engulfed their minds and hearts…’

Its not the only occasion where disciples of great leaders have faced contradictory and challenging situations.  Take Mosheh (Moses) for example, who had led the Israelite nation – including the Jews and all other ‘sojourners’ that entered into God’s covenant whilst living in Egypt – on a wilderness journey culminating in a life threatening situation.  Can you imagine being one of Moses’ disciples, who had followed every word (ok with some complaining in some of the ranks),  but then to see a great expanse of water ahead, knowing a great and ferocious army was behind and soon to overtake and destroy you?

Turning the hands of time forward approximately 3,500 years, there may be many people now living who for different reasons are facing real uncertainty in their lives, or perhaps extreme threats of physical violence, marginalisation  or persecution due to race or beliefs.  Certainly across the globe we can all resonate in varying degrees, with the concern and potential threat of the recent pandemic and how this has and might affect us and our families.

…and to bring us right up to date we now have witnessed a very divisive US election, causing some to now struggle to see God’s hand in the current outcomes.

But, with God nothing is impossible. 

As the entire Israelite nation gathered before the Red Sea, believing that their God, YHWH, had now forsaken them in the wilderness to again become slaves of the fearful Egyptian regime or of course worse to be slain there before the waters;  as the disciples gathered together for three days smitten and pressed down by the circumstances that defied their fundamental belief system in the Messiah, that He would indeed be King of their people the Jews, this is when God Almighty moved, and the miracles happened.

When the darkness surrounds and hope is a dim and distant feeling, God is faithful to His word and His truth.  All that glitters in not gold; and when darkness prevails, hope still abides and is never lost.

Even when righteousness has been evicted from the corridors of global power, when the very word of God spoken by His prophets is being contradicted by worldly events and the schemes of man, God’s Word shall come to pass and not return unto Him void, it shall accomplish all that which it was sent to achieve.

Even so come Lord Jesus.

Release!! Release!!

So after many months I now have arrived at the final stage of the new worship album – “NEW BIRTH, MESSIAH’s RETURN”. The official date is now July 31st when digital download if this album will be available plus the CD is included which will follow on in a couple a weeks after manufacture.

The 12 tracks on this debut album have been collated from over 70 worship songs written in the past 2-3 years. I hope you enjoy them and are blessed as much as I have been in their creation.


Pre-Order New Worship Album

Excited to offer the opportunity to pre-order my new worship album – ‘New Birth, Messiah’s Return’ which will be released on June 30th. This recording will only be available for purchase from the website and not any other digital download or streaming outlet (such as iTunes, Amazon or Spotify and all the others!).

The thing is whilst at a consumer level, Spotify, Deezer and the like, are great as the the entire global musical output (or most of it) is available either at a very low cost or totally free of charge. After careful consideration for distribution of this album “New Birth, Messiah’s Return”, I have decided to place a high value on this product by ‘ring-fencing’ its’ distribution to CD production only, and facilitating that distribution from this website. I will of course be able to supply digital copies of the album for those that require it. However the point being that apart from the usual copying of an artist’s work from a CD onto your computer to then access it via all of our cherished devices such as iPhone and tablets (which indeed I would now struggle to do without myself!) my motive in this is to start to re-establish the immense value that is contained within a recording, and maybe, just maybe, turn the tide in the favour of the creative souls whose masterpieces are being eaten up without due recompense being given for their work.

There, I’ve said it and now jumping off of my soap box, I do encourage you to support both my worship ministry and the concept of keeping musicians in business, so that we can all enjoy their work and be blessed through their music by signing up to this ludicrous cost for one CD – yes £17.77! Well you could even go for an Indian takeaway for that, or maybe a live performance – certainly when the lockdown has moved into a ‘green light’ situation. Apologies, I didn’t quite step off the box…so here it is, click this link and secure a purchase, for me, for the country and to support musicians doing what they can do, that we all enjoy being uplifted by the music they make! God bless you all 🙂 (reference ‘NEW BIRTH’)

The album package comprises of a 12 track CD recording with a pullout booklet detailing the song inspiration concepts and relevant scripture references. I know you will enjoy the diverse range of instrumentation and sound production, from lavish string arrangements, to acoustic and digital instrumentation from current sate-of-the-art technologies, all crafted into an unique selection of worship compositions. With organic tunings used throughout, (432 & 444) the tone layers amazingly provide more depth to the listeners’ experience. Most importantly I unequivocally can say that it is God, YHWH and His Holy Spirit that has inspired me, given me the ability to develop and given me everything I have needed to be able to make this recording. He has also provided all the people around me along the way to support and encourage just when i have needed it. So all thanks go to God, my Father, to Jesus my saviour and Holy Spirit, my guide and comforter.

The album price is £17.77 (plus P&P) and In purchasing this CD as a pre-order, you will not only be greatly blessed through the worship, you will also be helping to support my worship music ministry. In addition, for the first 50 pre-orders, I will include a 60 minute ‘meet & greet’ – either via Zoom or in person, (depending on your location and lockdown) to talk about worship, music in general or even 80’s pop bands! Also the first 100 albums pre-ordered will receive a signed copy with any personal details requested.

So hurry along and pre-order your copy!



Worship Altar Announcement

The Lisburn Worship Altar has now moved to Friday evenings and we hope you can join us to exalt and worship the Lord our God. To join please log in the live stream each Friday night here at Stuart’s YouTube channel:

Album Release

The track listing for my new album, an offering of worship to YHWH, is pretty much finalised, which I thought I would share with you all. Here are the tracks:

Song of Fire, I Am says The Lord, For Yours is the Glory, Passing of the Age, Spirit of Adonai, Lion of Yehudah, The Hand of Yahweh, Messiah’s Reward, Song of Mosheh, Oh Israel, One Day in Your House, Warrior Bride and Blood of Christ.

I am currently finishing tracks 11, 12 & 13 (Song of Mosheh, Oh Israel and Blood of Christ).

Then comes mixing, mastering and artwork! Estimated release date of June 2020.


For those who may wish to support this worship ministry please contact or use the web page donate.

Shalom and will be in touch soon.


Considering the ‘impossible’….

Reflecting upon this festival of Passover encourages me to think of the miraculous and supernatural events and actions of our God, Yahweh. The events leading up to the original passover cause me to dig deep in faith to visualise and believe how God secured the safe passage of His chosen people to the promised land.

Swinging forward to the New Testament times we read in Luke Chapter 1, that God sent His angel Gabriel to inform Elizabeth that she would give birth to a son. Two supernatural events right there – an ‘archangel’ sent to earth from heaven and the fact God caused a barren woman to concieve. Do you believe in angels I wonder…

Some 6 months later Gabriel then was sent to inform Mary she would also give birth and this would be Gods’ only Son. Jesus then went on to become the sacrificial lamb of God, the ‘passover lamb’ that was slain for the sins of the world, a ‘once and for all’ sacrifice.

When considering the impossible surrounding the above events, this leads me to ask myself – if God can do all this (and more as recorded in the scriptures), then what is stopping Him from doing miracles in my life, however small or seemingly huge?

We all maybe affected in our thinking right now due to the recent global events and their impact on global and local societies, but as it is written in Luke 1, verse 37 – “For with God nothing shall be impossible”. Selah.


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