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March 9th 2020 – Feast of Purim

When a situation seems irreversible, or impossible, this is when our supernatural, spiritual God can overturn events and change things. He speaks to the hearts of men and women influence the destiny of others.

We find this in the story of Esther in the bible where the sealed decree by the King was going to release complete destruction of the Jewish people in the land and provinces. Evil was being facilitated through the person Haman to do this, but God intervened and spoke to the King. The ‘tables were overturned’ and the Jewish queen Ester found extreme favour with the king. Mordecai was promoted and Haman was given the punishment he had intended for Mordecai.

The Jewish nation has celebrated this victory every year ever since at this time in the last month of the Jewish year – Adar.

Lets all believe in the power of God to overturn impossibilities and let us see with eyes of faith, for all the people and situations around us, that Gods purpose and destiny for our lives will come to pass.

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