7 Years of Plenty

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Genesis 41

In this chapter of the Bible, the then Pharaoh of Egypt had a dream of 7 healthy, well nourished and full cows and heads of grain, then following came 7 lean, malnourished, ugly cows and withered heads of grain.  Joseph gave the interpretation that there was to be 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of famine and scarcity.

Prophetic Symbolism

In the year 2021 AD, it is approximately 3,700 years since the above event took place.  Prophesies by Daniel (in chapter 9:27) and Jesus (in Mathew 24:15-22), tell us that there will a period of tribulation prior to the end of this age.  This tribulation period is also described as “the day of Jacob’s trouble”, during which the Lord breaks the seals releasing famine & pestilence, plus other judgements of YHWH.

The famine in the land of Egypt at that time of Joseph, was the pre-cursor to the exodus of the Israelites.  After the time of Joseph there was a new Pharaoh in Egypt that knew not of Joesph.  This Pharaohs heart was hard and he enslaved the people in hard labour and did not honour the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

In 2021, we are also living in a world of enslavement, in a spiritual Egypt – in a world system that controls its people by debt and where YHWH’s commandments have been removed from its educational system; where the Most High, YHWH, is not taught in the schools and universities.  It is an ungodly system where God’s laws have been removed from governmental policies, having been replaced by man’s laws and abominations have been passed as laws within the nations.

Therefore there are significant parallels between the times of Joseph and the prophesied latter days, and the end of the age.

Come out of her ye people

God’s word instructs His people to ‘come out of Babylon’ (which is also biblically and symbolically, synonymous with Egypt) – Revelation 18:4.  The seven years of tribulation (which are the ‘seals’, ‘trumpets’ and ‘bowl’ judgements as recorded in the book of Revelation), bear striking resemblance to some of the plagues that YHWH inflicted on Egypt prior to the exodus led by Moses.  I suggest to you that this future event will be preceded by seven years of abundance, where YHWH will provide abundant resources to His ‘Josephs’, in order for them to prepare the storehouses, to set up mechanisms to grow food and grain from the land, to create ways for the creation of energy that does not rely on the Babylonia/Egyptian system (i.e. to ‘come off the grid’).  This i believe will be a transfer of wealth to God’s people, for the building of His Kingdom enterprises, specifically for the establishment of tribulation provisions globally;  to include travel operations, jets, oil, and technologies for the transmission of Gospel broadcasts….

This parallels the seven years of Joseph’s interpretation of Pharaohs dream in Genesis 41 – 7 cows, abundant, healthy and fat, which were the seven good years in which Joseph used to feed all that came to him in Egypt, using their money, gold, silver and then the peoples land.  A fifth (20%) of all the produce grown on the land using the seed supplied by Joseph, was returned to him and the Pharaoh that Joseph served.


When is this seven years of abundance to take place?…In Genesis 41 through to the story of the exodus and Moses, the sequence of events are 7 years of plenty, immediately followed by 7 years of famine, then following by the exodus and the journey to the promised land, some years later.

Therefore it could be that a 7 year period of abundance directly precedes the tribulation period, or it could be separated i.e. disconnected in time from the tribulation period (and ‘Greater Exodus’), which sequentially is prior to Messiah’s second coming.

We do not know these timings, but we are watchful for the sequence of events as prophesied in scripture, which state what must happen before the tribulation beings (2 Thessalonians 2).

My assertion to you is that we also should be watchful now, for a period of time when the ‘7 years of plenty’ will take place, so that all bondservants, and modern day ‘Josephs’ will wisely steward all the wealth and abundance that is coming, in preparation for the 7 years of scarcity.  This is the assignment of certain remnant saints, that the entire remnant ecclesia (‘called-out assembly’, otherwise known as ‘the church’), including Yehudah (the Messianic Jews) and gentile believers in Messiah, shall be fed, transported in the land  of ‘Goshen’, with all abundance in the camps of the righteous.  Halleluyah! Maranatha, even so come Lord Yeshua!

2 thoughts on “7 Years of Plenty

  • Angie b

    Wow stuart ,, wow ,, I wish I understood all these things , and could see what ypu see , and wow , how the word ,just says it ad it is ,and I wonder ,, how can this happen , off the grid , as youv explained , and what would this look like , be ,, , but , at the same time , the story of joseph is just amazing , his heart ,,, gods heart ,,, and the lord , led him all the way ,, the events to take place , the warnings ,the provision , snd the clarity of the holy spirit ,, and yes ,, he wil do this again , give is clarity ,his voice ,his presence , his heart ,,, ,, LOVE TO HEAR MORE LORD ,OF YOUR HEART ,, COME LORD JESUS , LET US BE READY ,CARRY YOUR WORD , YOUR LOVE TO THIS WORLD ,,,,LET YOUR LOVE FLOW THROUGH US ,, IN JESUS N A ME ,, thankyouuuu stuart , gor sharing amazing things

    • Stuart

      Thanks Angie,
      The Lord will guide us as we continue to be ‘watchmen’ (and women) on the wall. I do y know what it’ll look like either but in His power and by His Spirit, shall all be done according to His purposes. Ask and we will receive, seek and we will find, knock and the door shall be opened . Amen and hallelujah to the Lamb of God!

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